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RCWIH BioBank Collection Service and Sample Request Application

MSH REB Application for Use of Human Tissue/Blood/Body Fluid for Research Purposes

 RCWIH BioBak Material  Transfer Agreement



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  Application Process

Step 1. Consultation with the RCWIH BioBank

To access the RCWIH BioBank archive and/or request the RCWIH BioBank’s collection services investigators must first consult with the RCWIH BioBank Manager to discuss the project needs and to determine the suitability of the proposed research.
To arrange for a consultation please contact our office.

Step 2. Completion of the RCWIH BioBank Collection Service and Sample Request Application

This one-time application is submitted for the approval of the RCWIH BioBank Governance Committee, and is subject to revision or amendment if the proposed project undergoes significant changes. All information provided will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to individuals outside of the RCWIH BioBank Governance Committee.
To complete the RCWIH BioBank Collection Service and Sample Request Application, investigators are required to submit:
  • A brief outline of the proposed research plan
  • The hypothesis and/or objective of the project
  • The patient population(s) of interest
  • The type and quantity of specimens required
  • The intended use of the samples
  • Contact information for the investigator and expected recipients of the samples
  • Details regarding project funding



Step 3. Completion of the MSH REB Application for the Use of Human Tissue/Blood/Body Fluid for Research Purposes 

Investigators are required to demonstrate ethically-appropriate use and storage of the requested specimens and clinical data through completion of the MSH REB Application for the Use of Human Tissue/Blood/Body Fluid for Research Purposes. Please contact the RCWIH BioBank office for further information on the REB application process. 
Successful applications are valid for one-year from the time approval is granted. Project approval must be renewed on an annual basis and is the responsibility of the investigator requesting specimens from the RCWIH BioBank program.


Step 4. Completion of the RCWIH BioBank Material Transfer Agreement

Prior to the distribution of samples and/or clinical information, investigators are required to complete the RCWIH BioBank Material Transfer Agreement. This is a legal document between Mount Sinai Hospital and the recipient investigator and/or institution outlining the terms and conditions that apply to the use of the specimens and anonymized clinical data.
Fully-completed MTAs are valid for a period of 3 years from the date of agreement completion.




Applying for funding for upcoming  research projects that would benefit from access to our collection services and specimen archive?
The RCWIH BioBank can also provide a detailed quote and letter of support that can be included in your next grant or competition submission. Please contact us to find out how we can help support your next funding opportunities.


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